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Step 1. Agendas & PTO Dues

A one time fee of $37 covers PTO dues and agenda. Each additional student in the household is $7.

If you are a virtual student and would like to support PTO select the $30 virtual option.

Add Student Name(s) below.

Number of Students
Student Name 1
Student Name 2

Step 2. Lockers & Agendas

Agendas are required for all WMS students. Lockers will not be issued at this time.
The PTO simply collects this fee on behalf of the office.
If you desire to only purchase the agenda and not donate to PTO please select this option.

Number of Agendas
Student Name 1
Student Name 2

Step 3. Donations/View Cart

While voluntary, we sincerely appreciate additional donations in any amount you wish to contribute toward our efforts to support our WMS students, staff, and school.

You can view the cart to complete transaction.

Step 4. Donations/Water Bottle Fountains

Water Bottle Fountain: We will also be raising money to help offset the cost of installing water bottle filler fountains throughout the school in an effort to promote health and hydration. Thank you for your donations.

You can view the cart to complete transaction.

Amount of Donation


The purpose of the PTO is to support the mission of Whitewater Middle School and to foster excellence in education by supporting and enriching the activities and programs that promote a positive environment through the involvement of parents,  school, and the community.